Founded in 1983 as a marketing consultancy, the company offers an array of business building services to assist clients achieve their growth goals. These include the identification and qualification of new strategic growth platforms and attendant new business and new product concepts, business turnaround and restaging programs, and sourcing proprietary technologies via an innovator network. The company has established a particularly successful history with respect to “front end” activities which include early vision development through product positioning. And it also has the capabilities to assemble a veteran commercialization team to take products to market.

BDR’s client roster includes companies of all sizes, most of which are consumer directed. Also included are inventors and entrepreneurs seeking commercialization via licensing agreements. In such cases, BDR serves as the licensing agent to develop and execute a comprehensive licensing program to deliver the negotiated term sheet. When applicable, the technology can be developed into a commercial proposition and funded for market entry. 

BDR has had the opportunity to assist a number of clients achieve significant growth throughout its history via creative, innovative and timely new businesses and new products which delivered against consumer and customer problems and needs. We welcome the opportunity to meet with you to discuss specific business building needs and how our experience, proven approach and people can help make a difference.